Strings & Sol • 2019

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  • Strings & Sol • 2019
  • Strings & Sol • 2019
  • Now Sapphire Resort & Dreams Resort • Mexico
  • December 12, 2019 - December 16, 2019

Before booking:

• Book your suite based on the number of adults that will be on the reservation. Please note, there are no single occupancy rooms available.
• If you are unsure who your guest will be at the time of booking, you can add them at a later date. Fees may apply based on the name addition/change schedule. Please be mindful, you will be responsible for the full cost of the room until you add a guest.
• First floor accommodations at Now Sapphire are available for those who can't travel up stairs. If you do not need first floor due to a medical reason/ restriction - leave those open for your other fellow Strings & Solers who might!
• If you prefer first floor accommodations, but do not see them available, book into an upper floor category and contact the Travel Team for assistance.
• ADA accessible rooms include wider clearance through doorways, toilet & bathroom rails, shower benches, and roll in showers and are located on the first floor. Should you need a room for these purposes, you should book a 1st Floor Premium Tropical View Suite. After booking, please contact the Travel Team to confirm your ADA needs/requirements.

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